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A.I. Anchors Replace Human Reporters In Newsroom of the Future

A.I. Anchors Engineers at Northwestern have created an entire newsroom operation using artificial intelligence, even using avatars to anchor the evening news.

Projects News At Seven

News At Seven is a system that automatically generates a virtual news show.

Totally autonomous, it collects, parses, edits and organizes news stories and then passes the formatted content to artificial anchors for presentation. Using the resources present on the web, the system goes beyond the straight text of the news stories to also retrieve relevant images and blogs with commentary on the topics to be presented.

Once it has assembled and edited its material, News At Seven presents the content to its audience using avatars and text-to-speech (TTS) technology in a manner similar to the nightly news watched regularly by millions of Americans. The result is a cohesive, compelling performance that successfully combines techniques of modern news programming with features made by possible only by the fact that the system is, at its core, completely virtual.
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News at Seven

Kris Hammond, professor of electrical engineering and computer science, and his research group have developed a new automated newscast, called News at Seven.
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Virtual Newscast: News at Seven

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