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Patch Could Stretch the Supply of Flu Vaccine

Executives at Iomai Corp. see the future of flu vaccinations like this: A small patch containing the vaccine, along with stimulants to make it more potent, is mailed to patients who stick the patch to their arms for a few hours, then toss it in the trash.

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Intercell Smart Vaccines

Compared with traditional injection sets, the needle-free vaccine delivery patch from Iomai (now part of Intercell) features a transcutaneous vaccination technology and a patch form for vaccine. As a result, it promises a safer and healthier injection.
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Immunity That's More Than Skin Deep

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Iomai's transcutaneous immunization (TCI) technology offers distinct advantages to traditional injected vaccines. Leveraging the immune system cells in the skin to deliver vaccines, the TCI patch is a novel approach to protecting individuals from a range of infectious diseases.

Physician Administered

Self Administered

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