The Dream Car 123

Inventor Greg Zanis of Sugar Grove, Illinois, has recently patented an electric car, he calls Dream Car 123. This futuristic, one-person, safety vehicle uses today's technology, but eliminates many of the traditional car systems, producing a car that is more efficient, faster and safer to drive than today's mechanical car on the street.
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dream car 123: electric car gets pyramid power

Created by Sugar Grove, Illinois inventor Greg Zanis, the Dream Car 123 tools down the street at up to 40 mph. A single 3.5 hour charge provides about 240 miles of driving for only about $5 in electricity cost. Take that gasoline!

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~Dream Car~

An unusual garage

With the Dream Car 123, there will be no more pulling up to gas pumps to refuel. Instead, when the passenger pulls the car into the garage, the recharging begins. The garage, however, is not your usual building. It's a combined solar and wind tower that harvests both sources of energy: sun and wind by day and wind by night.
The Dream Car 123 by Greg Zanis
The Dream Car

Solar Tower

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The New Design Dream
Car 123

The Solar Garage

This is a remote controlled model car of the Dream
Car 123

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The Dream Car LIVE on CBS Channel 2

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Update: Dream Car 123 Trades Dignity for Energy Efficiency

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Eco Cars: The pyramid shaped energy efficient Dream Car 123

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