Feel and Experience Virtual Reality in The Cocoon

The Cocoon, designed by  Tino Schaedler will be  a sleek and shiny human-sized dome where you'll  feel and experience Virtual Reality     enveloped by a 360° display screen and full surround sound.

Clipped from: Designers developing virtual-reality 'Cocoon' - CNN.com


Designers developing virtual-reality 'Cocoon'

  • The Immersive Cocoon will let you step inside interactive 3D virtual worlds
  • Motion-tracking cameras will provide a "Minority Report"-style interface
  • It could be used to explore virtual museums, like the "Virtual Guggenheim"
  • Augmented reality superimposes virtual information onto the real world

LONDON, England (CNN) -- You're walking along a street in Roman Pompeii at the start of the first millennium when you notice a spectacular stone building. You reach out towards it and your guide informs you it's a temple to the god Jupiter, built in 200 BC. With a flick of your wrist you save the data and, school assignment complete, you step out of your Cocoon and back into your living room.

Educational historical journeys are just one possible use of the Immersive Cocoon, a walk-in virtual-reality pod being developed by NAU, an international design collective that aims to revolutionize the way we interact with computers.
When complete, the Immersive Cocoon will be a sleek and shiny human-sized dome. Step inside and you'll be enveloped by a 360° display screen and full surround sound.

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The designer

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Tino Schaedler, the art director for digital set for "Charlie and the Chocolate factory" and "Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix". His double competence is the key of his ability and allow him to merge the two element of a set creation: the phisical and the digital side


Designers developing virtual-reality 'Cocoon' - CNN.com
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