Robotic Telepresence

RoboDynamics is a company that researches and develops advanced telepresence robots. The idea is creating robots which allow people to attend meetings remotely.
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What is Robotic Telepresence?

Robotic Telepresence is the ability to transport yourself
to a remote location without going there.

TiLR - Robotic Telepresence vs. Video Conferencing
TiLR - Robotic Telepresence vs. Video Conferencing

TiLR: A telepresence robot in action

The following promotional video explains using a simple cartoon how the company believes their telepresence robot can be used to add value to a company.
Finally, the following Mahalo Daily video showcases the actual TiLR robot and its control software.
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Introducing TiLR

TiLR System Overview

TiLR Robotic Telepresence is comprised of three distinct components, which include a robot (TiLR),
a PC application (TCC), and a Robot Server (RS).

Robotic Telepresence System
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TiLR is the main state of the art attraction of our
Robotic Telepresence Platform. Standing at four feet tall
and featuring a bright 8" LCD and powerful Canon camera,
TiLR is a unique blend of innovative technologies that
enable Robotic Telepresence in a new, affordable way.

TiLR Telepresence Robots - the most advanced enterprise robots on earth
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TiLR Command Center

TiLR Command Center Screenshot
TCC enables you to log into TiLR remotely and control its

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