Hyperion’s Portable Nuclear Power Units

Generating nuclear power with a small, compact modules that can be transported by truck, rail or ship to remote locations is possible with the Hyperion's portable nuclear power units.
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Portable Nuclear Power In Your Backyard

Portable Nuclear Power In Your Backyard
A radically different mindset than the “nuclear is too dangerous for anybody” of the 1980s
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Portable backyard nuclear reactor: solution to energy crisis?

What’s Innovative: Hyperion’s nuclear reactor uses clean water to moderate the reaction and also to cool the system. You can, therefore, rest assured that the reaction wouldn’t reach uncontrollable proportions.

Clean, Safe, Affordable Power ...
no greenhouse gases to contribute to climate change

the most controlled and regulated type of power on the planet

the cheapest in terms of dollars & environmental impact

Available 24/7 rain or shine, windy or calm

Now it is!

Introducing the Hyperion Power Module (HPG)

Think About It:

Global warming. Dependence on foreign oil. Infrastructure vulnerable to natural and manmade catastrophes. Undrinkable water, poverty, disease, social unrest.

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Portable Nuclear Power In Your Backyard
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