Google's New Blog Tracking Service

Google launches a new blog search tool which organizes the news covered by weblogs. It divides the posts in categories and shows how many different blogs have written about a particular topic within what period of time.
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Google launches blog tracking service

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) — Google has launched an enhanced blog tracking service that helps people mine a growing mountain of online commentary for gems worth reading.

The Google Blog Search tool rolled out this week competes with Techmeme, Polymeme, Wikio and other "memetrackers" that sort and organize blog posts into categories.

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Today, we're pleased to launch a new homepage for Google Blog Search so that you too can browse and discover the most interesting stories in the blogosphere. Adapting some of the technology pioneered by Google News, we're now showing categories on the left side of the website
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and organizing the blog posts within those categories into clusters, which are groupings of posts about the same story or event.
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AFP: Google launches blog tracking service