Microvision's Pico Projector

At CEATEC in Tokyo, Japan, Microvision demonstrated the next-generation pico projector prototype - a pocket-sized laser projector that connects to mobile phones, personal media players and other mobile devices.
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Microvision demos green laser pico projector
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Microvision Pico Projector Demo

This week at CTIA, Microvision was showing off its incredible advances in ulra-small projectors, bringing the technology into devices no bigger than a cell phone or iPod.
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Microvision PicoP

Cell phone video projection in HD
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Microvision Home
Pico Projector Displays: Overview
Microvision is the number one choice for OEMs who wish to breakthrough through the display bottleneck and provide customers with new viewing experiences. From embedded projectors that sit inside a handset to accessory projectors that connect to mobile devices,
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Pico Projector Displays: Embedded
Embedded Pico Projector Displays
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Pico Projector Displays: Accessory
SHOW™ Pico Projector Prototype
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Microvision demos green laser pico projector
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