Thinking cap unlocks hidden genius

Australian scientist Allan Snyder says that "switching off" parts of the brain can unlock the hidden genius in all of us. This is achieved by stimulating parts of the brain with tiny magnetic pulses, induced by a hairnet-like cap.
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Savant syndrome

According to Treffert, something that almost all savants have in common is a remarkable memory:[1] a memory that he describes as "exceedingly deep but very, very narrow".[1]

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Savant for a Day

people undergoing transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS, could suddenly exhibit savant intelligence -- those isolated pockets of geniuslike mental ability that most often appear in autistic people.
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Special ‘Thinking Cap’ to Unlock Our Inner Genius

Special ‘Thinking Cap’ to Unlock Our Inner Genius

There is a theory that the spark of genius lurks hidden within all of us.Now scientists are developing a ‘thinking cap’ that could turn that theory into practice and unlock the amazing potential of the human brain. The device uses tiny magnetic pulses to change the way the brain works and has produced remarkable results in tests.

Special ‘Thinking Cap’ to Unlock Our Inner Genius
Special ‘Thinking Cap’ to Unlock Our Inner Genius
The ‘thinking cap’ can improve artistic ability and proof-reading skills
after a few minutes, left, and Professor Allan Snyder who
hopes to be able to produce creativity on demand
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