Sony’s Flexible OLED Display

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Foldable Computer And TV Screens To Be A Reality
Foldable computer and TV screens soon to be a reality
Thanks to the efforts of researchers from Sony and the Max Planck Institute, now we may soon have computers that can be folded up to be put in the pocket and televisions sets that can be bended to view

Published in the New Journal of Physics, a study conducted by the researchers heralds the beginning of a technological revolution for screen displays. It demonstrates, for the first time, the possibility of bendable optically assessed organic light emitting displays, based on red or IR-A light upconversion.
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Sony demos transparent, flexible OLED display

Breakthrough for emissive displays will revolutionise portable TVs, ebooks and digital newspapers

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Sony's curved OLED

Sony has gotten all bent out of shape over OLED screens and given gadget fans a sneak preview of its curved organic LED display.


The screen's just 0.3mm thick

What Would You Do with a See-through Display?

Planar Display

Sony’s flexible 11-inch OLED display flaunted at CEATEC

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