Liquavista ColorBright Display Technology

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Liquavista Introduces Product Transforming Ambient Light Displays

Product Concepts

Cambridge UK, October 16th, 2008 - Liquavista today launched Liquavista ColorBright, the company's first display platform built using its patented electrowetting technology. Targeted at segment-driven display applications including watches and mobile phone secondary displays, its unique combination of outstanding brightness in natural light and vivid color range offers new legibility and design freedom to creators of design-led electronic products.

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ColorBright Applications

Key Facts

  • Outstanding brightness in natural light

  • Vivid color range

  • Excellent legibility and design freedom

  • Both standard or custom designs

  • Range of innovative viewing features

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What is Electrowetting?

Key Facts

  • Uses natural forces and simple materials

  • Produce a variety of display architectures

  • Low power, fast switching for mobile video

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Electrowetting Benefits

Key Facts

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