A Dishwashing Robot

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Panasonic and IRT Research Institute create dishwashing robot

Panasonic and Japan’s IRT Research Institute are working on an efficient dishwashing robot they call KAR (Kitchen Assistant Robot). The robot arm has 18 different sensors in its hand. These sensors help the robot to determine the shape and size of the dishes, and to pick a single object from a stack of dishes. The prototype has worked well till now, and the people associated with the project believe a production version could be available in about five years.

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the University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
Department Objective

The department commits education and research in the field of real world informatics dealing with shapes, structure, patterns, mobility and functionality of physical systems, aiming at growth of leading human resources and development of cutting-edge knowledge for creative design of intelligent mechano-informatic systems.

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