i-Sobot -- Robot of the Year 2008

i-Sobot wins Japan’s Robot of the Year award

i-Sobot, winner of the Good Design Award in Japan and recognized as the smallest mass-produced humanoid robot by the Guinness World Records, stands just 16.5cm, weighs about 350 grams and is powered by 4 AA batteries for about 1 hour of operation. 17 miniature motors give it about 200 types of movements.

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Special Features

  • This talented little robot can do push-ups

  • He can stand on his head

  • Responds to 10 different voice commands, with varying funny responses to some the commands

  • He can SOMERSAULT!

  • He even does the splits

  • Tons of different special actions like do his own Western gunfight scene, beg for mercy, act like he is drunk. He’s a bit of a ham for the camera!

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i-SOBOT Humanoid Robot Introductory Video

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