Michelin's Active Wheel Technology

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Automobile Show
Michelin unveils three major innovations for tomorrow’s mobility
The Paris Motor Show is a great opportunity for Michelin to share its vision of mobility for the future. At its booth, the Group is unveiling three innovations from its research centers, which could well revolutionize our driving experience within a decade or two: Michelin Airless, Michelin Tweel and Michelin Active Wheel. Travel into the future . . .
First, Michelin Airless
Second, Michelin Tweel
The third leap into the future comes with Michelin Active Wheel. This wheel actually houses a traction engine. Drivers of cars fitted with four such wheels will be able to select two or four-wheel drive.
Michelin Active Wheel also features an active suspension system which delivers dramatically improved comfort, handling and stability. Indeed, this integrated suspension system will enable drivers to control vehicle behavior when breaking and turning.

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Michelin’s Active Wheel technology in detail

Active Wheel

The Active Wheel is essentially a standard wheel that houses a pair of electric motors. One of the motors spins the wheel and transmits power to the ground, while the other acts as an active suspension system to improve comfort, handling and stability. The system is designed for battery or fuel-cell powered electric vehicles, and the technology is such that a vehicle equipped with it will no longer need any gearbox, clutch, transmission shaft, universal joint or anti-roll bar.
2008 Venturi Volage Concept at Paris Motor Show 2 of 28
2008 Venturi Volage Concept at Paris Motor Show 9 of 28

Michelin first began development on its Active Wheel more than 12 years ago but is yet to announce when the first commercial applications of the technology will be available. Meanwhile, Venturi’s Volage Concept, which utilizes four Active Wheels, has been confirmed for production in 2012, although it’s not clear if the final production version will share the same features as the concept.
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Michelin Hy-Light Active Wheel Motor EV concept Car

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