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Clipped from: YouTube - Philips Daylight Window Concept Presentation

Philips Daylight Window Concept Presentation

The full presentation of the Philips Daylight Window concept, shown at the Simplicity Event 2007 at Earls Court in London.

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‘Daylight’ Concept

Key Details - System of 3 interrelated concepts

  • Daylight Window with Personal Mood Setting -controlling natural and artificial light for a personalized room ambience and enhanced outside views
  • Wake-up Transition - waking up with natural light and sound at a time of your choosing
  • Alcove Light Therapy -Artificial light for countering jetlag and raising energy levels

Proposed commercial/consumer uses
A window which offers enhancement and control of the ambient and functional aspects of natural and artificial light. The elements in ‘Daylight’ can be used in many different scenarios such as:

  • Offices
  • Hospitals and care centers
  • Schools
  • Airport lounges
  • Sports medicine facilities
  • Your home
Clipped from: Behind the scenes of the Philips Simplicity Event 2007 - Philips Applied Technologies

Hotel room:
This room features a full-sized window that lets daylight flood in, yet also allows guests to partially or completely obscure the view with soothing patterns such as the foliage of trees.

Hospital room: At first sight, the hospital room looks like a typical bedroom, with a low-level bed that's comfortable to get into and out of, together with soft mood lighting. It even has a Philips wake-up lamp to help sleepers wake up more naturally. However, as soon as a doctor comes in, the room transforms itself into an equally luxurious consulting room. The bed rises to a height more suitable for the doctor to examine the patient and one wall of the room transforms into a projection screen on which patient records can be displayed. Using a hand-gesture based user interface similar to that used to control the hotel room window, the doctor can then access specific files to show the patient the results of surgery.

Pregnancy room: Designed to make expectant parents as relaxed and in-touch with their unborn child as possible, the pregnancy room offers them a new experience in fetal ultrasound imaging. Gone are the doctor's couch, intimidating ultrasound equipment and VDUs. Instead, there's a comfortable chair for the mother, a simple wrap-around stomach belt to perform the ultrasound, and a curved womb-like sphere in which 3-dimensional images of the unborn child are projected. Simple hand motions across the ultrasound belt control the direction from which the image is viewed.

Behind the scenes of the Philips Simplicity Event 2007 - Philips Applied Technologies
Gadget Talk: Philips Daylight Window Concept Presentation
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