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Sun Ships JavaFX Rich Internet Application Platform

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JavaFX SDK is Now Availabile!

JavaFX is an expressive rich client platform for creating and delivering rich Internet experiences across all the screens of your life.

JavaFX offers users unparalleled freedom and flexibility to create rich Internet applications and content quickly and easily across multiple screens, including mobile phones, desktops, televisions, and other consumer devices. JavaFX combines the best capabilities of the Java platform with comprehensive, immersive media functionality into an intuitive and comprehensive, one-stop development environment.

At a Glance

  • JavaFX is an expressive platform that provides a unified development and deployment model for building rich client applications that integrate immersive media including audio and video, graphics, rich text and web services. JavaFX allows creative developers to program in a visual context thus helping them to bring their ideas to life quicker and easier.
  • JavaFX technology features a high-performance declarative scripting language, JavaFX Script, for building and delivering the next generation of rich Internet applications for desktop, mobile, TV, and other consumer platforms. To bridge the gap between user experience design and programming logic, JavaFX technology will provide a suite of tools and authoring solutions that enable unprecedented collaboration between designers and developers.
  • JavaFX technology provides the presentation layer for the Java ecosystem: Java developers can team up with their designer colleagues to create new and unique content that combines the best of today's advanced enterprise software and rich Internet applications.
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JavaOne 2008: JavaFX Demos


Sun Ships JavaFX Rich Internet Application Platform
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