The Dell XPS Baton PC

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Concept Portable: the Dell XPS Baton PC

As displays get thinner and processers more compact, a new world of conceptual computing is available. Designer Tai Chiem has envisioned a concept he calls the Dell XPS Baton PC. The Baton PC is an ultra-portable system that includes two flexible, thin OLED film screens that can be slid out from the central baton in many ways: as a keyboard and monitor, as a single-screen tablet, as the base of a desktop system and otherwise. At the end of the day, just roll up the Baton and you’re on your way.
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Tai Chiem

Dell XPS Baton PC (1 of 1)

You can hook the Baton to a Desktop PC via a docking station and boot directly from the Baton. If you rotate the top screen sideways, it becomes an e-book and if you want you can use the multi-touch screen as a canvas and draw pictures using the accompanying stylus.
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