Anti-Aging Drugs

A new class of drug could slow aging it, but what are the implications ...

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Anti-Aging Drugs Could Change the Nature of Death

A new class of drugs aimed at age-related physical and mental deterioration could change not only the nature of life, but of death.

But that being said, it's still worth thinking about how the nature of death could change, if only to prepare ourselves for possible upheavals or examine our own relationship to one of life's inevitables.

Quick and unexpected deaths are not uncommon, but most deaths occur with some forewarning. What would life be like if most natural deaths came unannounced? How might our culture be different? Might we be more loving in an everyday way? Or would we become more anxious than ever, jumping at every unexpected knock on the door?

DeGrey posed another hypothetical: what if anti-aging drugs are successful against some but not all diseases, leaving a single disease -- such as Alzheimer's -- as the most common cause of death?

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