Intel’s Skulltrail Gaming Platform

Intel’s Latest Gaming Platform - Skulltrail

intel skulltrail gaming platform
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Intel Codename SkullTrail is an enthusiast gaming platform. SkullTrail is a dual CPU system. The demonstration unit is reported to have NVIDIA SLI support. Though it is now known that it will support NVIDIA SLI and ATI Crossfire. Skulltrail was demonstrated, and the board includes 2 nForce100 SLI component.

Intel demonstrated SkullTrail at Intel Developer Forum Fall 2007 in San Francisco, USA.

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The Skulltrail board. Purple-4 PCI-x16 slots. Red-nForce 100 chips. Yellow-Overclockable CL3 FB-DIMM 800. Cyan-voltage regulators. Green-Dual power ports.
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Skulltrail at 4GHz

What more is there to say? When we criticized Intel, the lads did the work and came back with what looks like a winner. AMD knifed the competition leaving Intel the uncontested victory in the gaming space. It is no longer a
contest, Intel wins this round. µ

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