The Sony micro TV -- A “Sense”able Design

"Little TV that Rest in Your Hand"

For this design project, TV sets were chosen as the product category. In 1962, Sony introduced the "micro TV," the world's smallest and lightest portable set at the time. Designers also sought TV sets that were so cute and appealing, people would want to hold them in their hand as they watched.

For a body that feels round, soft, and cute, we sought seamless styling and just the right colors. The outer skin covering the silicone body is composed of "Super-Knit" fabric. Wonderfully elastic, this material enables curvy contours with just one seam. When using headphones, slip a little garment of "Raschel Seamless Ware" over the set. This fabric can be sewn to match the tapering shape from the body to the headphone cord. It is a second skin that matches the body shape.

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