The Twike -- a human-electric hybrid vehicle (video)

World’s first pedal-powered human electric hybrid car

clipped from www.twike.com
clipped from www.twike.com
clipped from www.twike.com
The TWIKE is a Light Electric Vehicle (LEM) for two passengers
which features a hybrid power train as an option.
The combination of muscle power and electric motor, together with
the joystick steering imparts a completely new driving experience.

The TWIKE is the most efficient motorised vehicle on the market, it’s energy consumption being the equivalent to a fantastic 550 miles per gallon of petrol! This is only possible because of the optimised propulsion concept as well as the consequential lightweight construction.

clipped from www.twike.com
The digital power electronics and the quick-rechargeable NiCd (NiMH) batteries allow for a range of up to 55 (80) miles per charge and over 160 (240) miles per day. The TWIKE can be recharged on ordinary household sockets in under 2 hours. By using the pedal unit it is possible to reduce the energy consumption even more, while at the same time enhancing fitness and health. The powerful electric motor accelerates the TWIKE astonishingly fast to a maximum speed of 55mph.
clipped from www.twike.com

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