Apple store in Second Life?

A patent filing by Apple is prompting speculation that the company could be getting ready to open up Apple stores in Second Life.
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Apple looking to create a virtual shopping world?


A patent filed by Apple suggests they could be looking to building a virtual shopping complex where customers, represented by avatars, can shop and interact with one another and with staff.

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Apple plots Second Life-like online store

Patent filing suggests Apple plans to make shopping at Apple Store or iTunes a more immersive virtual experience
The company has filed patent with the US Patent and Trademark office for an Enhanced Online Shopping Atmosphere, as originally
noted by MacNN.
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Enhancing online shopping atmosphere

Representing activity in an online store is disclosed. Information
associated with the activities of a second visitor to the store is
received. An indication of the presence of a first visitor at the store
is also received. The activities of the second visitor are displayed to
the first visitor.

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Will Apple open a store in Second Life?

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March 08, 2007
Second Life Apple Store

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Tech Digest: Apple looking to create a virtual shopping world?
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