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Yahoo has launched a private beta for its SearchMonkey developer platform. The idea is to create applications that users can install to modify how results display on the Yahoo search pages.
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Yahoo! Launches SearchMonkey Developer Tool in Limited Preview

Yahoo! is providing a "limited preview" of a tool that enables developers to create SearchMonkey applications.
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  • Site owners can build enhanced search results that will provide searchers with a more useful experience by including links, images and name-value pairs in the search results for their pages (likely resulting in an increase in traffic quantity and quality)
  • Developers can build SearchMonkey apps that enhance search results, access Yahoo! Search's user base and help shape the next generation of search
  • Users can customize their search experience with apps built by or for their favorite sites
  • You can create two types of results with SearchMonkey:

  • Enhanced result: may provide a more descriptive title, additional navigational links below the description, and other meta data.
    SearchMonkey Data Service: Enhanced Result
  • Infobar: retains the original title and description, but provides additional information below the result.
    SearchMonkey Data Service: Infobar

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