Viewfinder -- Photos in Google Earth

Viewfinder - Integrate Photos in a 3D World Model

Viewfinder is an interesting technology that wants to bring photos to software like Google Earth and display them as part of the satellite imagery.
clipped from interactive.usc.edu

Demo video showing the possibilities of Viewfinder.

clipped from interactive.usc.edu

Basics - “Finding the Pose” of a Photo

Figure 1. Three sets of parameters needed to pose a photo in 3D.

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Pose-Finding: Two Solutions

Figure 2. Specifying x, y, and z variables.

Figure 3. Locking down x, y, and z variables.

Figure 4. Point correspondences between 2D photo and 3D model.

clipped from interactive.usc.edu

Results to Date

Figure 5. Interface for step one of the 2D-to-2D approach.

Figure 6. Interface for step two of the 2D-to-2D approach.

Figure 7. Proof of concept for the 2D-to-3D approach.

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