Virtual Pompeii

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VIDEO: Virtual Pompeii Created

April 18, 2008—European scientists have combined virtual reality with treadmills to allow users to "walk through" the ancient city as it looked before the devastating volcanic eruption.
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CyberCarpet opens way to Pompeii

A stroll around the ancient city of Pompeii will be made possible this week thanks to an omni-directional treadmill developed by European researchers.

The treadmill is a "motion platform" which gives the impression of "natural walking" in any direction.

The platform, called CyberCarpet, is made up of several belts which form an endless plane along two axes.

Scientists have combined the platform with a tracking system and virtual reality software recreating Pompeii.

We are using virtual reality to study human behaviour.

Dr Marc Ernst

The treadmill moves along two axes

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