JS-Kit launches Score Widget

JS-Kit provides a suite of widgets allowing site owners to optimize their website content based on how people surf their site. Each of the widgets can be easily installed with only a few lines of Javascript code.
It just launched a new widget called Score. Score allows users to rate, approve, bookmark and view content and helps bring to the forefront the best articles from within the site


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Fast, powerful and incredibly simple, JS-Kit's services let web publishers build dynamic, compelling online experiences in just minutes.

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JS-Kit Score

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The best content on most web sites and blogs gets buried as
new content is added. The new JS-Kit Score service solves this
problem by uncovering and displaying your top content.

  • Score gets visitors past the home page
  • Content is scored with thumbs up & down icons
  • Score window shows the top content, every time
  • Visitors can see their favorites in the "My" tab

Benefits for visitors:

  • Finally a way to find the top content on a site in seconds
  • Quickly add your voice to the community opinion
  • Saves your recent favorites in the "My" tab

Benefits for web publishers:

  • Uses your best content to keep visitors engaged
  • Educates you on what your visitors really like
  • Works automatically to keep your site fresh so
    you can focus on the hard work of getting new content
  • Built in protection to reduce fraudulent voting

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