Ubuntu Mobile and Moblin Mobile Internet Devices

About Ubuntu Mobile,, an edition of Ubuntu Linux that is built specifically for Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs.) and Moblin, an open source project focused on the development of Linux for Intel-based mobile devices.

Facts on Ubuntu Mobile and Moblin

Ubuntu Mobile
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Ubuntu Mobile

Ubuntu Mobile is an Ubuntu edition that targets an exciting new class of computers called Mobile Internet Devices.
Ubuntu Mobile, based on the world's most popular Linux distribution, and MID hardware from OEMs and ODMs, are redefining what can be done in mobile computing.

Clutter User Interface

Clutter UI

Flash User Interface

Flash UI

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Moblin MID

Moblin.org is an open source community for sharing software technologies, ideas, projects, code, and applications to create an untethered computing experience across Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), Netbooks, and embedded devices. The computing hardware is based on Intel® Atom™ Processor Technology
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Moblin Applications and Utilities

Moblin browser -
Moblin Media
Moblin Control Panel applets -
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Videos & Demos
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