New Social Features in iGoogle

The Google personalized homepage iGoogle is now available in a preview version with new features, including social network functionality based upon Google's OpenSocial library.
Google Operating System

Google Operating System

Google's New Social Network: iGoogle

Following orkut's model, iGoogle opened a sandbox for developers who write OpenSocial gadgets. The sandbox is probably a test for the next iteration of iGoogle: the personalized homepage turned into a social network. "The integration of OpenSocial with gadgets gives you an opportunity to enhance your content for users by incorporating social features. For example, a books gadget could display what a user's friends are reading, allow users to request to borrow books from friends' libraries, and show users books that their friends recently rated. As users share content with their friends, your gadget will naturally build a broad audience for distributing content and driving traffic," explains the new developer site for iGoogle gadgets.
Watch as Jake walks us through the sandbox and shows how to build a basic gadget.

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