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Stumpedia.com Launches Global Democratic Search Engine

Stumpedia.com, a global democratic search engine powered by the people, for the people.
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Stumpedia is a social search engine that relies on human participation to index, organize, and review the world wide web. Stumpedia does not depend on bots, algorithms, or company insiders to make decisions on the relevance and ranking of search results.
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How Does It Work?

Initial search for "Arizona web design" produces zero results:
Stumpedia Screen Shot

Adding a URL and hitting submit pops up this box:
Stumpedia Screen Shot

And finally, the listing shows up as a result:
Stumpedia Screen Shot
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How Is Stumpedia Different?

Stumpedia takes a different approach to human-powered search than competing sites Mahalo and Wikia Search. For example, the relevancy of search results at Mahalo is determined by their staff whose underlying motive is to profit from their own internally produced and hosted content. Wikia Search takes the wikipedia approach to creating and hosting collaborative content pages.

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Stumpedia.com Launches Global Democratic Search Engine