Iceberg 2 Launces Business Application Creation Platform

Iceberg announced the release of their version 2. The Iceberg platform is designed for building high-quality, dynamic business software..

The Web platform essentially allows anyone to create business class applications in minutes rather than days – without the need for code of any kind.
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What is iceberg?

Iceberg is a powerful web-based tool for the creation and usage of custom-built business software. Beyond this, Iceberg is a platform for sharing and marketing this software to others who may have the same business needs.

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Create custom applications:

  • An ERP application for thousands of users

  • A simple CRM tool for a small business

  • A blogger+AdWords/twitter mashup

  • You can make all this with Iceberg and everything in between

  • Businesses... Free for 5 users. Non-Profits...completely free for unlimited users

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Build custom applications as easy as abc

Iceberg combines the speed of a web-based application with the power and adaptability of hand-coded software. The process of building an Iceberg application, with the power of traditionally made software, is as easy as A,B,C...

A. Application

B. Business objects

C. Customise

D. Drag and drop

How to design your workflow with Iceberg.
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Sample applications

Vacation Management

CRM Application

Bug Tracker

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