Chips for optical quantum computing

Physicists at Bristol University in the United Kingdom have demonstrated the first logic gates on a silicon chip that can process individual photons. This brings quantum computing, based upon manipulating single photons a step closer to reality.
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Integrated optics: the way to scale a quantum computer

One of the problems inherent in every implementation of quantum computing has been scaling. To gain a significant speed-up, we need a system that has enough qubits to represent the solution, but this has, so far, proven to be impossible to do in a way that accomplishes any useful work. Now, new research from Bristol University has described a method of creating optical quantum gates that can scale to many qubits reasonably well.
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Physicists Build First Single-Photon Logic Gate

Bristol University physicists advance the field of quantum computing with the successful miniaturization of a high-performance, optical "controlled-NOT gate."

Led by professor Jeremy O'Brien, the researchers have successfully miniaturized a high-performance, optical "controlled-NOT gate" -- a type of logic gate considered "the building block of a quantum computer," according to a press release from Bristol.

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Jeremy O'Brien

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Integrated optics: the way to scale a quantum computer
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