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Freebase, a product of semantic web company Metaweb, is an open database of information. Unlike Wikipedia, which is a free form resource, Freebase is structured database, with concepts and relationships interlinked into a giant network.
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What is Freebase?

Freebase is an open database of the world’s information. It is built by the community and for the community—free for anyone to query, contribute to, build applications on top of, or integrate into their websites.

How's Freebase different from Wikipedia? From GoogleBase?

Wikipedia and Freebase both appeal to people who love to use and organize information.
The difference lies in the way they store information. Wikipedia arranges
information in the form of articles. Freebase lists facts and statistics. Freebase’s list form is good not only for people who like to glance at facts, but also for people who want to use the data to build other web sites and software. Information in article form can’t be reused in the same way (though, obviously, articles are awesome for other purposes).

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Freebase: an open, shared database of the world's knowledge
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