Power Flower -- A Green Computer

The Power Flower. one of the finalists at Dell's Design ReGeneration competition, issuing the challenge of environmentally responsible computing technology, is a highly conceptual device running on hydrogen fuel cell technology.
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The Power Flower is highly conceptual computing device. Initially conceived as a specialized videoconferencing device, it evolved into being a complete computer.

The mental model of “the computer” was stripped to the bare minimum elements: input, processing, output, and a way to power it. It was made to be more natural, to appeal to the customer’s sensitivities towards environmental issues and also how the customer relates to technology semantically.

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Instead of using a keyboard and mouse, the person interacts gesturally on the desk surface as a camera captures the movements. A face camera, which also houses a microphone and speaker, is directed at the person’s face.

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The device runs on hydrogen fuel cell technology. Hydrogen mixes with oxygen to produce electricity. The only byproduct of this process is water. The cells can be recharged with more hydrogen, which will become more feasible as more manufacturers bring hydrogen fuel cell cars to market,

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