Sleepwalking, Sleep texting and Sleep sex

We've all heard of sleepwalking but did you also know about sleep texting - sending text messages while asleep - and sleep sex?
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Sleep Texting: Modern Epidemic, or Myth?We've all heard of sleepwalkers -- people who wander the house (or neighborhood) at night completely unaware of what they're up to. There have been claims of other similarly motivated sleepers, too, like dozing drivers or even snoozing cooks, but a new supposed disorder has some experts crying foul: sleep texting, the act of sending text messages while asleep and without remembering a thing in the morning.
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Is 'sleep-texting' for real?

Cellphone users send text messages while asleep – or so they claim
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Sleepwalkers who have 'sex sleep'
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Imagine finding unexplained condoms around your house and then waking up one night to find your partner having sex with a stranger.
It might sound like an affair, but what if your "cheating" partner was fast asleep during the act?
The phenomenon, called sleep sex, was described to doctors at a meeting in Australia.

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