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For the Man with Everything - the V8 Snowblower!

So your neighbor has to always one-up you on every purchase you make. You get a new Harley, he gets a custom built chopper. You put up a new mailbox that looks like a Bass Fish, he builds a solid brick mail box. You just can’t win! We’ll here’s your chance, next time this God forsaken state gets one of those big snow storms, wait till around 2:30 a.m., just after you’ve got home from the bar, and fire up your V8 snow blower and throw a fifty foot high blizzard of snow into his yard!

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Extreme snowblowing

Bigger barbecues, louder stereos, faster cars – it's what machismo is all about: more power. But, with all the snow we get in a typical Canadian winter, even the meek and mild might want this next suped-up invention...

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