Superfast Internet with The Grid

The Grid, the latest spin-off from CERN, is a service for sharing computer power and data storage capacity over the Internet. This could ultimately provide the kind of power needed to transmit holographic images, instant online gaming with hundreds of thousands of players, high-definition video telephony and more.
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Coming soon: superfast internet

THE internet could soon be made obsolete. The scientists who pioneered it have now built a lightning-fast replacement capable of downloading entire feature films within seconds.

Learn About The Grid

CERN - European Organisation for Nuclear Research, where the World Wide Web started, has put up a web site: Grid Cafe (The place for everyone to learn about the grid). It consists of demos, games, history, projects, blogs, podcasts, videos.

Check out the five big ideas crucial to the Grid's success....

Resource Sharing

Resource Use
The Death of Distance
Open Standards

There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of Grid projects going on in the world.

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Coming soon: superfast internet - Times Online
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