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Canonical Ltd. just launched a full "developers release" of Ubuntu 8.04 for MIDs (mobile Internet devices), providing the full Internet and lots more: Web 2.0 experience, Web browsing, email, media, camera, VoIP, instant messaging, GPS, blogging, digital TV, games, contacts, dates/calendar, simple software updates...
The Ubuntu MID Edition is based in part on technology from the Moblin community, which has developed a Linux kernel, UI framework, browser, multimedia framework, and embedded Linux image creation tools designed for MIDs and other mobile devices.
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the company behind Ubuntu, has announced Ubuntu MID (mobile Internet device) Edition 8.04 as a full developers' release. It is based on the Ubuntu Desktop Edition and is now available for download.
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Canonical's mission is to realise the potential of free software in the lives of individuals and organisations. In just three years, Canonical has been globally recognised as a leading provider of services to both individual and corporate open source software users.

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Ubuntu Mobile Internet Device (MID) Edition

Just the right stuff

Clutter User Interface

Clutter UI

Flash User Interface

Flash UI
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Mobile Internet Device (MID) Community

MID Community

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