Topio -- A Ping Pong Playing Robot

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Ping Pong Playing Robots

Robots capable of playing Ping Pong with humans have been around for more than 20 years.
The most impressive robot ping pong player to date has to be Topio, a humanoid robot from Tosy Robotics that was able to beat many human players at the 2007 International Robotics Exhibition in Tokyo.
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TOSY TOPIO - Table Tennis Playing Robot : DigInfo
Making it's worldwide debut at the Tokyo Robot Exhibition 2007, TOPIO, or the TOSY Ping Pong Playing Robot, is a humanoid robot capable of playing table tennis against a human opponent.
The hydraulics manipulated robot is composed of a carbon fiber composite allowing for fast reactions and a flexible range of movements with 20 degrees of freedom.
The ball's trajectory and spin is detected using 4 high speed cameras and 2 processing units, and it's advanced AI module allows it to continuously improve itself while playing.

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