The Polaroid Pogo Portable Printer using ZINK Paper

Polaroid's inkless mobile printer called Polaroid Pogo offer users the chance to print colour photos from their mobile phone via Bluetooth or digital camera without the need for a computer. The heart of the inkless printing is the ZINK Paper™, an advanced composite material. Crystals in this paper are activated and colorized by heat in the printer.
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Polaroid Pogo: Inkless Instant Digital Pocket Printer

Polaroid Pogo

Polaroid has recently launched an Instant Pocket Printer called Polaroid Pogo. The small device can print the photos from a Pict-bridge enabled digital camera, without the need for a PC and the results will be available in less than 60 seconds.

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On the go. Polaroid PoGo™
No computer connections needed.
Print directly from your camera's cell phone or digital camera
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pogo ZINK technology
Polaroid is leveraging the ZINK Technology to bring a new family of digital instant products to the marketplace. The Polaroid Digital Instant Mobile Photo Printer is the first ZINK-enabled device available.
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How ZINK™ Works

  • See a video of how ZINK works
  • The key to this process is the patented ZINK Paper™, an advanced composite material with cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystals embedded inside and a protective polymer overcoat layer outside.

    ZINK Paper Structure

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    Polaroid Pogo: Inkless Instant Digital Pocket Printer
    VIDEO: Polaroid Pogo portable printer
    Polaroid PoGo
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