3Dconnexion's SpaceNavigator a Mouse for 3-D Navigation

A new and improved computer mouse: the SpaceNavigator. The device has a cap you can lift or depress, slide from side to side, tilt, or twist, to let you move in any direction in a 3-D environment or to manipulate 3-D objects. Moreover applying pressure allows control of rate of movement.
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Mouse for 3-D Navigation

A device that supplements existing desktop equipment makes moving through 3-D environments more intuitive.

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Why use a SpaceNavigator instead of a mouse?

The key advantage of a SpaceNavigator over a mouse and keyboard is the ease of performing intricate adjustments to camera views and models with out repeatedly stopping to change directions, zoom, or rotate models. With a SpaceNavigator you can do all three at once.

Compatible with over 100 popular 3D applications

Priced for Education and Personal Use

Follow the Wizard to Navigate in no time at all.

clipped from 3dx.dev.mnl.com
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Save time and resources by streamlining your workflow. Maximize your efficiency by going from an interrupt driven workflow, utilizing only one hand to an integrated process using both hands. Studies show that using both hands will optimize your productivity by 30%.

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Technology Review: Mouse for 3-D Navigation
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