Semantic Tagging with Faviki

Faviki is a new social bookmarking tool that offers semantic tagging capabilities. This means is that Faviki will suggest tags based upon structured information extracted from the Wikipedia database.
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Faviki Offers Social Bookmarking with Semantic Tagging

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Welcome to Faviki!

Faviki is a social bookmarking tool which allows you to tag webpages you want to remember with Wikipedia terms. This means that everybody uses the same names for tags from the world's largest collection of knowledge.

Thanks to DBpedia, which extracts structured information from Wikipedia and represents it in a flexible data model, these tags are reference to objects which are categorized automatically, keeping your and your friend's bookmarks and interests well organized.

We need a tag evolution

Wikipedia & DBpedia

For example, the web page about Semantic Web on Wikipedia looks like this, while on DBpedia it looks like this (there is also an alternative that is easier to read by humans).

Characteristics of new tags

Unique name


Tag properties and its connections to other tags

Classification of tags

For example, if we look at DBpedia page for Keith Richards

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Faviki Offers Social Bookmarking with Semantic Tagging
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