Water-Fuel Car -- Too Good To Be True?

Japanese company, Genepax has claimed that it has created a new eco-friendly car that can run on nothing but water. The company did not disclose much but they use some process to produce hydrogen from water, used as fuel for a hydrogen fuel cell to run the car. This idea, however, might be too good to be true.
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Water-fuel car unveiled in Japan

Jun. 13 - Japanese company Genepax presents its eco-friendly car that runs on nothing but water.

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Water-Fueled Car Too Good To Be True?

How this Water Car Probably Works
It is actually possible to make a car look like it runs on water without breaking the first law of thermodynamics. The way it's usually done is with metal hydrides. These react with water to produce hydrogen, which is then used to power the car. But since these hydrides will deplete with time, they need to be replaced and so they are actually the fuel, not the water. And you can be sure that more energy will go into producing them than will be taken out, making them an energy carrier, just like a battery.
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