Living in the Future

How technology might change daily life in the future: the house of tomorrow, a supermarket of the future and a robotic restaurant.
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Living Tomorrow

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Living Tomorrow is a research oriented company with projects in the towns of Brussels and Amsterdam. It focuses upon opening what it calls 'The Houses of Tomorrow'

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Living Tomorrow, EBC
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House of tomorrow
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Inside the house of the future

Take a look at a vision of how we might live in years to come.

The 'Living Tomorrow' project in Brussels has just opened its revamped concept house of the future.
Guide Gemmeke De Jongh shows us around.

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Supermarket of the future

A German supermarket is encouraging customers to scan and ring up their shopping using mobile phones, and check out without the help of a cashier.

It is one of the number of innovations at the new "Future Store" - as Steve Rosenberg discovered when he went along to do his weekly shopping.

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ABC News, robotic restaurant, Nuremberg Germany

ABC News segment on a restaurant in Germany that has automated wait-staff

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