Hands Free Gaming with NeoVisus Eye Tracking

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Eye-tracking interface means gamers' looks can kill

A new interface makes it possible to explore, and slay monsters, in the 3D game World of Warcraft using your eyes alone

Technology is being developed to allow people with severe motor disabilities to play 3D computer games like World of Warcraft using only their eyes.

Eye-gaze systems bounce infrared light from LEDs at the bottom of a computer monitor and track a person's eye movements using stereo infrared cameras. This setup can calculate where on a screen the user is looking with an accuracy of about 5 mm.

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NeoVisus Video Demonstration

The following video demonstrates hands-free computer control using the NeoVisus gaze interaction interface.

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clipped from www.martintall.com
  • Download NeoVisus documentation (PDF, 3.3 Mb)
  • More information about Gaze Interaction
  • Homepage of the author, Martin Tall

  • Open Source Eye Tracking

    Download the executable as well as the source code. See the extensive documentation.

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