The Hyper-Sub -- A Submarine and Surface Cruising Powerboat.

About the Hyper-Sub, the world's first autonomous, small submarine capable of high speed surface travel over long distances.
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Marion Hyper-Sub is a submersible powerboat, an innovation new vessel with flexible design. This powerboat has the ability to run in the surface at impressive speeds. The Hyper-Sub is the first small craft built with the horsepower, sea-keeping, and range to allow operation on the high seas, which also functions as a self-charging, autonomous, one-atmosphere submarine. The patented design, which was 31 years in the making, will forever alter the mini-sub industry. The world�s first true general-purpose submarine.

marion hyper sub submersible powerboat
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Hyper sub hysteria

It's a boat! It's a submarine! It's on public display this weekend

Reynolds Marion's hyper sub invention, the boat that also is a submarine, will be on public display on Saturday in Lake Butler. JASON MATTHEW WALKER/Lake City Reporter
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Hyper-Sub TV 20 News Story
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Hyper-Sub Roll-out
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Hyper-Sub First Dive Test
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Hypersub Lake Testing Highlights
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Hyper-Sub January 2008 Promo Video

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Marion Hyper-Sub
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