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The Android Developer Challenge (ADC) is a Google-sponsored program providing $10 million in total awards for the best mobile apps built on the Android platform.
The first phase of the ADC is now complete. 50 teams of developers each received a $25,000 award and the opportunity to compete in the second and final round.
One of them is Breadcrumbz a mobile application offering a different kind of navigation, using pictures instead of a map.
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Meet BreadCrumbz, An Israeli Finalist of The Adroid Developer Challenge

At the end of 2007, Google announced the Android Developer Challenge, which promised to provide $10 million in awards for those who develop of great apps for Google’s new phone.
Israel’s Breadcrumbz is one of them.
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What is it?

BreadCrumbz is a different kind of navigation application.

Why is it Special?

  • Navigate-by-Pictures: Navigate your route using pictures instead of a map (there's also a map, if you like).

  • Users Create Routes: Easily record routes using your smartphone. Share them with your friends, share them with the world.

The Video

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