Open source public transport smart card project launched

A Dutch University has received a targeted research grant for developing a next generation smart card for public transport on the basis of open-source technology.
Earlier a major smartcard system with similar goals in the Netherlands was easily compromised by the investigators, who were able to repeat their findings with the Oyster card scheme used in the UK.
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Dutch boffins work on open sauce smart card

DUTCH BOFFINS at Radboud University in Nijmegen are
developing new privacy-protecting smart cards for public transport, using good old open sauce.

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Researchers of Radboud University in Nijmegen in the Netherlands managed to crack and clone London's Oyster travel card. They were able to take free rides on the Underground and even perpetrated a DDoS attack on a Tube gate.

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Oyster card cloned

Dutch researchers have hacked the previously un-hackable Oyster card
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Dutch public transport cards (the 'ov chip card')

Dutch charity NLnet Foundation this week annouced it will give €150,000 to Radboud University to launch a open-source smart card software project which will run through 2010. The initiative is funded by private charity money to ensure that “there are technical guarantees for maintaining the privacy of passengers”. ®

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