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Celemony Software GmbH is a German musical software company that specializes in digital audio software developed a product called Melodyne, which be used for completely rebuilding a melody, from a vocal or instrumental recording.
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Digital Sound Separator

New software can modify the individual notes of a recorded chord.

Decomposition: Two views of a digitally recorded chord, provided by Celemony Software's Direct Note Access software. Top: The chord as a single entity. Bottom: The individual notes of the chord extracted.
Credit: Celemony Software

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Melodyne - Direct Note Access
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Melodyne - Sing like a pro
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BBC Melodyne
Ever thought you could sing? Not being able to sing hasn't stopped a number well known pop artists achieving chart success, so what are they doing to their voices? As you'd expect, computers are involved. Tayfun King set out to test a new piece of software that gives producers a tool that lets them change the sound of the individual notes sung.
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That's Melodyne

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Direct Note Access

Introducing Direct Note Access

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Technology Review: Digital Sound Separator
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