Microscope On A Chip

Researchers at Caltech recently developed a revolutionary new type of microscope without lenses. The device is compact enough to be put in a cell phone and can use just sunlight for illumination. This makes it very appealing for Third-World applications,
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Bioengineers Develop 'Microscope On A Chip'

ScienceDaily (July 29, 2008) — Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have turned science fiction into reality with their development of a super-compact high-resolution microscope, small enough to fit on a finger tip. This "microscopic microscope" operates without lenses but has the magnifying power of a top-quality optical microscope, can be used in the field to analyze blood samples for malaria or check water supplies for giardia and other pathogens, and can be mass-produced for around $10.

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California Institute of Technology (Click for text-version)
Biophotonics Labotatory at Caltech

Nanophotonics and Optofluidics

Changhuei Yang
Optofluidic Microscopy
Fig. 1: compact OFM prototype, compared with a US quarter.
Fig. 2: (a) OFM's layout. Red arrows: illumination; green arrow: flow direction
(b) SeveralOFM images of wild-type C. elegans; white bar =25 ┬Ám (for all images)
(c) Aspect ratio map, blue data points: wild -type L1 larvae; red: dpy24 L1 larvae.
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[image: OFM1.jpg]

An on-chip implementation of the optofluidic microscope.

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Changhuei Yang
Caltech Press Release, 7/28/2008, Dr. Changhuei Yang
Optofluidic Technology Yields Microscope Without Lenses - The Size Of A
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