Infosys's Holographic Mobile Devices

According a U.S. patent, granted by Infosys by 2010 the handsets will beam 3D films, games and virtual goods as holographic images. Infosys's device will be able to send and receive the 3D images, allowing for example 3D text messaging on an iPhone.
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Holograms beamed to handsets by 2010

Holographic mobile handsets capable of projecting, capturing and sending 3D images have been developed by an Indian tech company.

The powerful onboard processor on the Infosys machine would build a series of 2D shots taken, for example, from a digital camera, into 3D holograms using algorithms called "Fourier" transformations to calculate the extra third dimension.

phone hologram
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United States Patent
Displaying holographic three dimensional images
Infosys Technologies Ltd.
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How about sending and receiving text messages from your buddies in the holographic format on your iPhone (Steve Jobs sure has a futuristic mind). Take a look at this video you will get the idea.

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